Thursday, 12 April 2012


Assalamualaikum and how are you guys? Hope that you all in well condition always. Today…. I have a few times to spend, so I think it is the best time for me to write my new post. Actually there’s something in my mind since in the morning and I think that I should shared that feeling with my entire friend too. The thing is… it’s feels? I mean how it feels when you be someone….. From the person that nobody is notice to the person that everybody wants to be with…..from person that no one wants to listen to your speech to the person that everybody has to listen on it. From zero to hero. Sound great hah?

Well…..that was happened to me now…..and you know what? I’m feel something that I cannot describe it with a word coz it was so awesome. It’s really motivating me to be a better person. Before this, I’m just an ordinary person who work in ordinary position and live in an ordinary life….. But after a while, now everything was changing. After I get my promotion… life is truly different. Yeah….it’s truly different.

Now…. I am someone that people around me have to look when I’m walk…..people have to listen when I talk and people have to consider the idea that I suggest to them. Before this, my boss never want to listen to my voice but now, looks likes he accepted a lot of my opinion and sometime he mention it. I’m so happy and trust me guys….. It is not easy to achieve this moment. The great moment comes with the great obstacle. There’s a lot of thing that you have scarify and sometime, you almost want to give-up! But…. Be strong please! Life is cruel enough for a looser.

Now….when we are in this stage… it’s feels…..are all our effort and scarification is paid off? Do we deserve it? Should we earn more? Are we satisfied with it?

Subhanallah…..thank you Allah ….. There’s no one else that I should gratitude for, except him. It’s give a huge meaning to me….. Now I know how difficult to achieve something…. How far faith influenced us and life has a lot of unpredictable thing. Face it and feel it. Then you were know how it’s feels…….        

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