Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The 'Potong Jambul' ceremony


                                                      (my brother with his daughter...Fatin )                            

(during the ceremony)
Hello…hello to all of you. Hope sangat-sangat that you’ all in well condition always. Today I  nak share dengan you’ all about one topic and I believe that this is really related to our culture (Malay culture) and although I’m not deeply understanding what is the real meaning and purpose for this ceremony, but I believe that it were give a huge definition for us.

                                                    (all want to cut my hair....waa!!!)

Apa yang I faham dalam majlis potong jambul nie, biasanya ia dilakukan apabila sesebuah family tue baru sahaja menerima baby baru. So when the baby tue dah berusia 2-3 bulan (normally that ceremony was been done on that period) keluarga tue akan adakan lah satu majlis ‘Potong Jambul’ and that majlis tue actually likes a ‘kenduri doa selamat’ lah (if I’m not mistaken). It depend on the family tue lah, kalau dia mampu dia boleh buat secara besar-besaran and kalau tak, buat kecik-kecik pun ok maa. And biasanya the ‘Potong Jambul’ ceremony nie berkaitan jugak dengan ‘akikah’ rasanya…. He…he…he….(teruknyer I nie, macam orang Uk pulak!...budaya sendiri pun tak tahu).

                                                                (am I so pretty???)
Whatever….. I cuma nak shared with all of you my story and the opening event that I’m attend for 2012 is the “potong Jambul’ ceremony of my niece. That ceremony is on 1st January 2012 so for sure my brother will remember that moment lah. And guess what….. I lah yang menjadi chef for that majlis ( other then account task, cooking is my specialty too, I’m gifted on it). So I pun tengoklah apa yang diaorang tue semua buat from beginning to the end.

I tengoklah abang I pergi cari kelapa muda, then potong bahagian atas kelapa tue sedikit. Then I tengok my sister in law siapkan baby dia cantik-cantik and bila tetamu datang, I tengok diorang semua reciting the Quran verse and after that, they all membuat satu bulatan and my sister in law pun membawa anaknya tue melalui that circle. Every single person on that circle will cut the baby’s hair when the baby pass through them. Sambil diaorang semua potong sedikit rambut baby tue, diaorang semua pun berselawat.
The end.

                                              (sorrylah kay, i dah mengantuk nie...huagh....)
Apa yang boleh I summarize after I watching it, that ceremony is good for the baby….for the family and also for our community. It look likes the baby is ‘welcome’ to the family and everyone want to celebrating the baby. We were celebrating it in full of Malay tradition plus an Islamic way. May Allah blessing us. Amin……

p/s:. lupa nak cakap, actually on that ceremony, I terlambat siapkan menu. Bukan sebab I tak cekap memasak but technically problem….. we’ all tersilap tengok jam…. Jam dekat rumah tue lambat sejam (beteri kong) and I and my sister pulak langsung tak tengok jam tangan or handphone but still siap jugak and ngam-ngam after diaorang selesai…the menu is ready to serve….he..he…he.

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