Thursday, 26 January 2012

My ‘Chinese New Year’ calebration.

Hello everybody….. hope you’ all always fine during this school break and for all my Chinese friends, I wish to you a ‘Happy Chinese New Year’. Gong Xi Fa Cai. He…he…he….. Because I’m living in multiple race country, so I must to appreciated all the precious moment that being celebrated by the other race. We are 1 Malaysian right!

Ok…..for today I want to share with all of you about my ‘Chinese New Year’ calibration. Hemm….. apa pulak kena mengena ‘Tahun Baru Cina’ nie dengan I kan. Yelah I kan Malay, so….. I should celebrate the Hari Raya kan. Well….for your info, I do celebrated the Raya Cina every year because I have so many Chinese friend. So sebagai tanda menghormati budaya mereka, I will celebrated the Raya Cina with them.

                                                                  (this is my boss)
                                                                 (this is also my boss)

This year is quite special for all Chinese community because Year 2012 is the ‘Year of Dragon’ (Tahun Naga Air) according to the lunar calendar. If you asking me about the ‘Year of Dragon’, I’m so sorry because I really don’t know what this is all about (sebab I Malay maa) but I do asking my friend (Chinese) about it. He said that ‘Year of Dragon’ bring a lot of happiness, prosperity and wealthy. It is also a good year for unmarried couple for getting married and having a ‘baby Dragon’.

                                             (me with a friend)

Then kawan I tue jugak ada lah shared sedikit sebanyak tentang adat and all the taboo during the ‘Chinese New Year’. Katanya kalau waktu Raya cina tak boleh sapu sampah, tak boleh pakai pakaian bewarna hitam dan ada lah dua tiga lagi tapi I dah lupa dah. Then kalau dalam masakan pulak, for example kalau diaorang masak itik panggang ke @ ikan masak stim ke, diaorang cakap tak boleh buang kepala dan ekor. Diaorang percaya kepala dan ekor tu ibarat awal tahun dan hujung tahun. So if the hidangan tu complete dari kepala ke kaki, they believe that they were being blessed for the whole year.

Ok…..enough for all the mythology and the philosophy. Sekarang nie I nak cerita how I’m celebrating the Raya cina. Usually kan, every year before ‘Chinese New Year’, I means 2-3 days before, me, my boss and all my colleague will celebrate the ‘Makan Besar’ first. Biasanya kami semua akan pergi waktu lunch lah. The reason why we do it early is because that is the only time that we have to spend it together.

                                  (can you see how close we are)

Yelah…..during the ‘Raya Cina’ tu mestilah my entire Chinese friend wants to spend it with their family right, sama macam kita maa…. Waktu hari raya mesti mahu balik kampung spend dengan family kan. So during the ‘Makan Besar’ tue, memang kami semua makan puas-puas lah. Of course lah my boss were pay for it, so bila orang dah belanja tue, kita pun apa lagi, makan jer lah kan. He…he…he….

Then…..bila start ‘Raya Cina’ tue, it depend whether I’m go back to my hometown or not. If I’m going back so tak dapatlah I nak ke rumah kawan-kawan cina I but if I tak balik, memang I akan pergi beraya ke rumah mereka semua. For this year I tak balik ke kampung, so apa lagi, we all pun (all the Malay member) pakat-pakat lah nak pergi beraya. Tahun nie kami semua pergi beraya di rumah boss-boss I.

Bila kami semua datang beraya ke rumah kawan-kawan cina nie, you’ all jangan pulak aspect yang kami nie dihidangkan with ‘Ketupat and Rendang’ or ‘Nasi impit with kuah Kacang’ pulak. For sure lah benda-benda tue semua tak de but all the kuih-kuih likes ‘biskut Bangkit’ and ‘kuih Kapit’ tu ada, same likes the ‘Hari Raya’. Usually they understand the Muslim culture, so they makes a partition between a Muslim and non-Muslim and for sure makanan yang kami makan tue ‘ditanggung Halal’ (biasanya diaorang akan order pizza or KFC for us, senang kan) and limau mandarin tu wajib ada.

Bila kami sampai ke rumah diaorang tue, sama jer macam sambutan hari raya. Kami bersalam-salaman….then kami semua borak-borak because that days is the day for all of us to gathering and having a fun. Enjoy all the moment with a friend. Time nie lah yang paling sesuai for us to lupakan all problem in the office. Kalau nak berbual pun, kami semua pilih topic yang santai dan yang menyenangkan. Tak mahulah nak cerita pasal kerja.

                                (I dapat Angpau, he..he...he...)

Yeah…. This is how I’m celebrating my ‘Chinese New Year’. Memang seronok when you go and experience yourself the different culture. As I said it before, we were living in a multiple race country, so why not if you be more ‘open minded’. Try to shared our culture with the other and at the same time absorb their too. (Wah! Cakap macam ahli politik pulak, no lah actually I’m talking based on my personal opinion). This is the way how we can reach the harmony and happiness in life, right!           

                                (This is the best thing during CNY)

And whatever it is, the best thing during the ‘Raya cina’ for me is ‘Angpau’. Yess…..this thing is really gonna make you happy and cheering, ha…ha…ha… materialistic jugak I nie kan. Ah…. I don’t care, yang penting I dapat banyak ‘angpau’ tahun nie. Waalawei….. banyak ong maa….. So to my friend Mr. J, I nak bagitau pada you “rugi tau you balik cuti lama-lama dekat Kelantan, kalau tak for sure you boleh join sekali, he…he…he…..’’ by the way, I wish that ‘Year of Dragon’ will bring a lot of good thing to all of us.


(baru-baru nie I geram sangat bila melihat ada segelintir daripada rakyat Malaysia terutamanya golongan muda yang sangat mentah nak kenal erti hidup nie yang bersungguh2 menggunakan media alternative nie untuk membangkitkan isu perkauman, seriously please stop it! When we collapse, there’s nothing left! Maybe they didn’t realize how worst it is when it happened. I selalu tengok dekat youtube dan jugak blog-blog lain. Cina kutuk orang Melayu, Melayu hentam orang Cina, orang India kata orang Melayu then orang Melayu balas balik and for what??? Something I was thinking maybe God was created people likes this so that the other can think that the thing who able to vanishing the mankind is the mankind itself. Can we just live together in peace and harmony?)


  1. wah..raya sakan nmpak..mana lg ang pau..hehe

    1. tu lah, lain kali ikut lah kami pergi raya, he...he...he...