Friday, 10 February 2012

Bodoh + Sombong = Siap Kau!!!

Hi there, happy good day to all of you. Hope that you can still read and follow my blog even sometime I’m likes out of idea to writing a new post but believe me…. I’m still there. He…he…he…. When I start being a blogger, I thought that it’s gonna be easy to write something but actually to write something that can give a value to someone else…. Not that too easy.

For today, I’m gonna post my 24th  entry and for today I want to shared with all of you and really hope that I can get a feedback from the readers. It kind a boring if I’m writing something and publish to the public but eventually it looks likes I’m write for no one. Ok…..just forget it, back to our topic…..for today, my entry is ‘Bodoh + Sombong  = siap kau!!!’ hemm…. What that is all about?

Oklah….. Now I want to ask, what is your perception if you dealing with somebody that not too cleaver or in other word is ‘bodoh-bodoh alang’ but they act likes they are too smart. Maybe for those who so pious, they didn’t mind but for me (I’m just an ordinary person) seriously….. I can’t stand with it. It really gonna make my blood pressure so high and I’m sure I’m gonna do something beyond my ordinary act just to make sure that a person like this realize who they are actually……..

Now I want to share one story that was happened to me. It was happened about 3 month ago where I have to deal with that ‘Mr. bodoh-bodoh alang’. In my company, I’m working in account Department with is Administration department and because I’m working in a factory, so there have other department likes operation, marketing and planning.

One day, when I check the invoice to make a payment, I realize that there has a problem with the invoice then I can’t process it. So,  I ask the Purchasing Department regarding the matter and she told me that I should find and ask the Operation Officer. I said “ok” then I go to operation dept and meet the P.I.C. His name is Mr. Mani (he is an Indian guy). When the first I meet him, I just accost him and smile to him. Then I start discuss with him…. I ask:-
“Mr. Mani…..invoices nie ada problem sikit berkaitan dengan payment, so I nak tanya you pasal…..” I didn’t finish my word yet then he suddenly crossing my word plus yelling at me:.
“Wait!....purchasing dept buy this item(machine spare part), then why you ask me?” he said in ‘London’ language too loud until everybody around the office looking on me. He makes me looks likes too dumb and likes he is my boss. He really insulting me and at the same time looks likes he try to question my credibility and my position.

Well….he think that he too smart and believe that he is the only person who can speak in ‘London’ language. Well….. I can speak too with the Birmingham dialect.
“You request this item, so that why I’m asking you! I ask purchasing dept first, and then she told me that you made a special request to buy this item from this company. That means you have a special connection with this supplier. This company has two Directors and one of them calls me yesterday and asks me to prepare a payment using his name. So I can not process this invoice until I get a solid reason and explanation. I can not simply prepare the Cheque using his names because it was against the ‘Accounting Standard Practiced’ and also the ‘Company Act’. We buy this item from this company so we have to make a payment for this company, not a person who behalf on… understand or not? You know the procedure or not? Of course you don’t know….. You just deal with the machine maa!. What I’m gonna answering the auditor if they ask me about this!”

Hemm…..  After I’m finish my word, he look at me for a moment and then he took the invoice and said “I check dulu, nanti I bagitau you” so gently. Hemm….moral of the story  :-

1. Kalau you tak tahu, tak payahlah you nak tunjuk pandai. Kan lebih baik kalau you dengar dahulu penjelasan orang lain.
2. Jangan fikir orang lain tu bodoh sangat!. Orang lain tak sekolah meh!
3. Sebelum you nak berlagak tue, you check dahulu dengan siapa you nak berlagak, kalau orang tue lebih sikit dari you, kan you sendiri yang malu.
4. for what you nak berlagak sombong, you ingat orang lain tak boleh meh!
5. setiap orang ada kelebihan dan kepakaran dalam bidang masing-masing, so kalau itu bidang kepakaran I, why you nak persoalkan!

Lepas pada hari tue, I langsung tak tegur @ bercakap dengan dia. I malas nak deal dengan orang yang macam tue. And sampai sekarang bila dia nampak I, dia akan tersengeh malu. Hemm…. I don’t know…..maybe my Birmingham dialect is better than him. So, after this……to all ‘Mr. bodoh-bodoh alang’ beware!!! If you try to ply that games……my theory is so simple :- ‘Bodoh’ + ‘Sombong’ = siap kau !!! (dengan aku)                           


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    1. bukan marah, tapi nak luahkan rasa di hati....he3. alah macam Mr. J jugak! bengang kan dengan your boss, he3