Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Hi and assalamualaikum semua. Ya Allah, rasanya dah lama sangat I tak up-date blog I nie, mesti dah berkulat rasanya kan. Sorry coz now I’m busy to death. Baru2 nie my senior dah resign, so I’m taking her job right now and that’s why I’m busy to death right now. Nak siapkan kerja I lagi, siapkan kerja dia lagi and nak kena tunjuk ajar pada clerk I pulak, emm…. Memenatkan tapi at the end, I’m satisfy with it.

Ok, stop nagging and start with the main point. For today I want to share another entry with all you guys. Today’s topic is ‘Si Jahil Yang Terkurung’. Actually this title I’m using to referring one of my colleague. Heh…I don’t know why and how she become like this but she is really pathetic. Do you remember about Miss H. baru-baru nie I bergaduh lagi dengan dia and kali nie sampai dia memang tak mahu nak tegur I lagi.

I’m don’t mind and I think it’s good for both side but until now I’m don’t get it. It’s just because of the simple thing. She just get mad on me coz we both have a different concept and idea and just because I disagree with her…. Then she decide to reject me. What the $@#&! Egghhh!!! Geramnyer I but never mind, I tak rugi pun kalau dia tak involved dalam hidup I cuma right now I perasan yang dia nie kategori orang yang macam mana and I boleh classify yang dia nie dari group ‘Si Jahil Yang Terkurung’.

Nak tahu kenapa I kata macam tue…. Sebab dia nie jenis orang yang tak boleh nak terima pendapat orang lain langsung. Pada dia, she always right and everybody must listen to her. Oh my God!! I never saw that little creature in my life before!!! Cuba you’all imagine….. just because I tak agree dengan pendapat dia, then dia terus tarik muka. That’s mean dia memang jenis tak boleh terima pendapat or pandangan orang lain even sometime pendapat orang lain tue memang ada betulnyer. I rasa maybe dia malu kot bila ramai yang agree dengan pendapat I and ditambah lagi dengan egonyer yang tercabar, so she start to against me.

Seriously, I memang tak kisah langsung and I tak terkejut pun dengan sikap dia yang macam tue. Sebelum-sebelum nie pun memang dah ramai orang yang bergaduh dengan dia. dia nie memang jenis nak menang ‘sokmo’, dengan orang lain mungkin boleh but not with me. I kesian bila tengok orang yang macam nie, bukan apa…. Look likes she try to against the world. It’s ok if you dare to stand your idea but at the same time, you cannot force the other to agree with you.

Every single person in this world have their own perception about something. Kalau I suka buah manggis and ada orang lain tak suka, tak kan lah I nak paksa orang lain suka jugak, betul tak! Perumpamaan ‘Si Jahil’ tu ialah kerana dia hanya mampu absorb apa yang termampu oleh pemikiran dia and dia akan pegangnya sampai mati. ‘Yang Terkurung’ tue pulak ialah kerana dia tak akan nak dengan pandangan orang lain walaupun apa yang orang lain tue cakap…..betul. contohlah…… kalau dia fikir yang bumi nie empat segi, dia akan cakap yang bumi nie empat segi and if I try to explain to her that earth is circle, she won’t accept it. She give a signal that “I know better that you”.

I hope sangat orang macam nie I tak jumpa lagi in future. So pathetic….so pathetic….. life have a lot of thing to discover but when you stuck yourself, there’s nothing else left….. It just you…. Your stupidity and your unmeaning life.      

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